【 Brand Concept】

Preserving cultural heritage is very much on the mind of the Emperor stakeholders. On one hand, China has rich traditions spanning over 4,000 years, on the other hand the new millennium at the crack of dawn ushers in modern civilization and a new way of living.

Telling old stories using new elements is always a challenge, however, The Emperor has succeeded in using simple, earthy materials; and seamless, uncomplicated lines to interpret a people that's rich in heritage yet constantly yearning for a place in modern history. In this regard the design team at the Emperor has truly perfected the art beyond expectations...[Hidden]...[More]

【 Social Responsibility】

We do not take social responsibility lightly at the Emperor. As a corporate body we constantly try to find ways to lean in, to help. Benevolence and Generosity is our core value. Our founders have established book donation programs, a continuous, on-going initiative that will benefit school children in remote counties and villages.

In addition, EBQ has recently been involved in a corporate social responsibility program called 'Small Talks Circles'. STC, as it is intimately known on university campuses, is a social education forum aimed at broadening university students' horizons outside academia while helping them to prepare for a rewarding and fulfilling work life. Ancient Chinese wisdom has it that : no one should be too modest when it comes to doing deeds for the common good. At the Emperor, we dare to share; we want to stand up and be counted.[Hidden]...[More]

【Brand Cooperation】

Another program we feel very proud of at the Emperor is brand cooperation, or co-branding opportunity. Knowing our guests would settle for nothing but the very best management spared no expenses in getting top-notch, third-party operators involved from the get-go. Apart from being a member of the 'Small Luxury Hotels of the World' group.

a preeminent brand and a 'private club' of some 200 properties around the world, L'OCCITANE of France has been enlisted to operate and manage the dark and mystical Emperor Spa and Hydro Treatment Centre. Live it up like an Emperor and Empress! [Hidden]...[More]