Soft colours and curvy lines adorn this beautifully choreographed room type. The ambience subtly suggests romance and intimacy... In the middle of the room there's an over-sized jacuzzi tub standing ready for a relaxing and therapeutic soak after a hard day's work. In addition, the unusually large bathroom featuring double showers and a separate, enclosed toilet comes as a true paradise, not to mention the generous use of superb quality Italian marbles all-around... A tempting king bed laced with soft linens and a flat screen TV await when guests are ready to retire for the night. All basic functions in the room can be activated by the touch of a button. Desire - where esthetics, convenience and modern-day comforts all come as one !

Room Desire

Straight lines and simplicity are the main design features in Serenity. The room embraces peace and gentleness reminding us that beautiful things can be surprisingly simple and uncomplicated. In some rooms (model suites) furniture can be made to 'disappear' into the walls to create a sumptuous space big enough to host a pre-dinner cocktail party ! Again, the unusually large bathroom featuring double showers and a separate, enclosed toilet always comes as a delight, not to mention the generous use of superb quality Italian marbles all-around... A tempting king bed laced with soft linens and a flat screen TV await when guests are ready to call it a day. All basic functions in the room can be activated by the touch of a button. Serenity elicits esthetics, convenience, modern-day comforts and all...

Room Serenity

The approach is daring yet practical ! Here our architects have succeeded in combining use of the best materials environment has to offer to carving out a sanctuary rich in timbers and planters. If you are a nature person you would want to stay in this magnificent suite...and you may be feeling slightly sad come the time to check out ! Plants and shrubs literally grow out of the walls encircling a luxurious wooden tub in the centre that has been hand-forged to perfection. The bathroom showers and toilet area gives no hint you're in hustle bustle Beijing, rather, that you're somewhere in the wilderness being caressed by nature... King bed, fine linens, in-room entertainment and modern-day comforts have not been forgotten even in 'primal' surroundings...

Room Mystery

Dark and mysterious, the air is cool with soft clouds and mist of dusk floating in mid air... Imagine yourself camping out in the boondocks in absolute tranquility, and the world is thousands of miles away ! Floating attempts to induce that experience though artificially. White marbles would not have been appropriate in the set, so deep charcoal grey panels have replaced polished quarry... The interior surroundings seem to emit an indigo blue colour under dim lighting ! All other amenities such as double showers, independent toilet closet and 21st-Century technology and comforts are standard features in Floating.

Room Floating

A sumptuous rendition of space created with royalties and dignitaries in mind... Boasting a spacious 45 square metres in total area the Miracle Suite rivals the best of presidential suites among international hotel chains. Entering through a cozy foyer guests are greeted by a sitting room-cum-lounging area. The bar is stocked with vintage wines and liquors where guests hobnob in small talk under soft lighting before dinner...and a 'sulking corner' with plus-sized couches is perfect for relaxation over a glass of wine and good books. A Roman Spa-inspired sunken Jacucci bath, and an ultra plush master suite with artisan lighting fixtures and gadgets complete this fabulous mini palace capable of tickling emperors and empresses pink...

Miracle Suite

We believe devouring delicate cuisines and imbibing the finest of brew is a respectful way to honour ancestors, hence good food and great wine is never far away from the mind of the Chinese people... Extending the fine food culture to our guests management strives always to be innovative in its approach. One thing you may notice is that, during your returned visits, certain dishes may have disappeared from the menu while new dishes will be introduced. Our menu offers fine fusions to satisfy even the most discerning of taste buds. Selection of wines may be limited and that's because we want to offer the best. International buffet breakfasts are complimentary to hotel guests; ala carte menu is available for afternoon tea, lunch and dinner. Our in-room service is 24/7. Drinks and snacks at the rooftop SHANG Bar outside regular meal hours are very popular among guests and their friends.We welcome private dinner parties; large group bookings for special occasions, graduation dinners, birthday parties, wedding receptions, conferences, retreats, etc. Function rooms big and small, rooftop garden with swimming pool, the SHAN Restaurant, SHANG Bar, Gallery DONG are ready to be at your service where privacy and discreteness are respected.

SHAN Restaurant

With a unique position, the roof terrace SHANG Bar adjoins the axis of Beijing, offering a perfect view to the adjacent Qianmen street, battlement of Zhengyang Gate and the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, Temple of Heaven. Dedicated to be the foremost fashionable viewing terrace in Beijing, the SHANG Bar will enable you to feast your eyes on the enticing scenery. In the meantime, be it at daytime or night, in scorching midsummer or snowy winter, dipping in the constant-temperature pool or chilling out by the terrace our guests will enjoy the changing colours of Beijing's four seasons."


Originated from Provence, L'OCCITANE promotes the beautiful color, natural fragrances and authentic traditions from the South of France. With its presence in over 20 countries around the world, Spa L'OCCITANE aims to offer relaxation and natural treatments. L'OCCITANE captures the aroma and essence of flowers and plants to rejuvenate your body and soul. The Emperor SPA by L'OCCITANE offers an extensive 'treatment menu' for men and women, allowing guests to experience a heavenly rub from head to toe.Boasting 450 square meters in total area, The Emperor SPA by L'OCCITANE features 3 treatment cabins, 2 Vichy rooms, an impressive waterfall, a large 'Roman-Spa-like' pool in the centre, and various private marble tubs strategically located in the outlying areas. The individual marble tubs could serve different functions and themes at different times; for example : cold water baths, natural mineral baths, and rose petal baths, etc. What about relaxing in the sunbaths on the patio with a few friends, or simply having some reflecting moments all by yourself !

The Emperor

The black-and-white mural covering the four walls and ceiling at the Gallery DONG leaves guests gasping for breath. The style is impressionist and the technique is one of our own predating possibly the Tang Dynasty - splash ink ! It is the work of a young Chinese American lady named Huang Bingyi. Stunning, arresting, powerful, captivating...are some of the words used by visitors to describe the art piece. Gallery DONG spans 180 square metres in total area, it has a soaring roof that shoots up 7/8 metres. With these unusual features Gallery DONG has been crowned, de facto, Grand Hall of the Emperor Qianmen ! It is anticipated that this beautiful space will be very popular among fashion designers, artists, entertainers, well-informed public for hosting banquets, functions or various other activities.

Gallery DONG